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Mobile photovoltaic solar farm inspection Application

We meet the needs of solar energy technicians

Detect losses, avoid breakdowns, identify non-conformities in your modules, substations, inverters, cables, etc.

Maintain a high level of monitoring of safety equipment (fire, PPE, emergency lighting units, etc.)

Introduce appropriate corrective actions to maintain the profitability of your PV installations.

Save time in data collection and production of PV inspection reports.

Collect high-added-value data in order to have up-to-the-minute information on the quality of your solar equipment.

Use SunAproov360 to personalise all the check points on your photovoltaic farms

SunAproov360 offers many interchangeable and 100% customisable check points This PV App enables you to configure, without any IT skills, Apps adapted to all types of photovoltaic projects.
  • NConstruction - Civil Engineering
  • NInstallation - Electricity
  • NConstruction - Erection
  • NCommissioning
  • NPreventative and curative maintenance
  • NAudit and certification

Inspection procedures adapted to the photovoltaic industry

Photovoltaic networks

Visual checking of the PV farm and cables – Activity Report (e.g. Cleaning of solar panels, vegetation management, broken or delaminated modules, state of fixings, etc.)

Electrical equipment

HVA/HVB substations including SCADA, mast foot LV/LVA substations, inverters, ventilation filters, transformers, cabinets, fuse boxes, meters, String monitoring units, etc. Vco, Impp, Riso (insulation resistance), fixing and tightening of cables.

Civil engineering & environment

Access, roads, tracks, car parks, vegetation, paths, drainage systems, cable and foundation trenches, hydraulic systems, etc.

Maintenance of technical buildings

Substations, stocks of spare parts, lighting systems; cleaning of aeration systems (LV and HV) of technical buildings..

Security of installations

Intruder detection systems, video protection, fences and gates, site security equipment

Safety and accident prevention

Checking safety equipment (fire prevention, PPE, emergency lighting, etc.) – HSE risk prevention – ISO 45001 and OHSAS standards.

Inspection of meteorological systems

Tracker systems, irradiation sensors, meteorological stations, etc.

Detect potential losses, prioritise maintenance actions, validate the state of conformity of each component

Easy to use from the start and usable without Internet connection

Each control point is identified by an icon. Thus, in a few clicks, you can send in very precise information about non-conformities and observations relating to your PV farms.

Create and customise your SunAproov360 application

The inspection criteria for each component are completely customisable. Your application is 100% upgradeable. In fewer than five clicks, an employee can select a farm, a zone and the component to be inspected when they identify a fault or a non-conformity.

Simpler, faster communication

Monitoring photos (BEFORE/AFTER status) of your photovoltaic modules or any other component can be sent in real time to contacts, to the maintenance manager and/or to a service provider and can then be managed on a PC (management of lists of reservations and Punch-lists).

Faster reporting, management data, data export

At the end of the inspection, SunAproov360 can send back hundreds of observations and photos in an automatic, structured report.

On your Web browser (PC) you can filter the data and produce high-quality reports in a few clicks.

“The mobile application is ergonomic and enables us to carry out exhaustive inspections in accordance with our internal procedures, the system enables large volumes of data to be uploaded in order to produce complex, high-quality reports.”


Inspection checklists configured for and adapted to every type of wind turbine (manufacturers, models) for greater precision and efficiency.
150 to 250

Control points present in our different applications depending on the equipment being inspected.

Photos and non-conformities uploaded in a few minutes in a high-quality survey report.

Bruno Allain
CEO – 8.2 France

“In a few days, this 100% customisable App enabled us to configure preventive maintenance modules 100% adapted to the different types of installation belonging to our client, Cegelec Renewable Energies.”


Photovoltaic farms and HVA/HVB substations regularly maintained in France and abroad.

Forms and reports saved. Standardisation and structuring of maintenance schedules and reports

Photos uploaded in real time.

Bruno Allain
PDG – 8.2 France

“The Safenergy mobile solution’s modularity allows us to cover a very broad spectrum of situations and enables us to anticipate a very wide range of complementary developments”

Daniel Soldini
Dir 3SEQ, Razel Bec

“We chose the Safenergy application to optimise our quality system. Its adaptability and flexibility of use enable us to constantly develop our system, giving us greater product quality while ensuring total traceability.”

Charline Marie
Quality manager, APIFOOD

“This approach allows us to reduce data entry time and speed up the acquisition and consolidation of data, thus making us more efficient.”

Pierre Bergon

Digital transformation.
We answer your questions.

Can I include my own checklists and inspection references?

You can choose to keep the module that we supply or to completely change it, for example you can include your own checklists of 10 or 20 questions.

How do I customise my App?

Using your Web interface on a PC, the Design Studio enables you to modify – very simply – each form, to enable/disable functions (e.g. sharing of signatures, alerts, observations, etc.), to modify the structure of the App and its design (icons).

Can I attach my data to my various photovoltaic farms?

Yes, our system enables you to create your own project structure on four levels. For example, you can create a top level “Farm”, a second level “Zones in the farm”, etc.

We have several activities and several operational subjects. What can we do?

You can use your App for many different subjects and considerably speed up the process thanks to our other ready-to-use Apps. Visit our other pages.

Can I customise and configure the App unaided?

Yes, you can do a great deal of customisation unaided directly online. If you have any technical problems, our team is there to support and advise you.

What should I do If I have several lists for monitoring equipment or several maintenance schedules?

Our solution is a “No Code” platform, usually called an “App Builder”. You can develop your first App into other versions adapted to each type of equipment or maintenance schedule (annual, triennial, etc.) by replication and adaptation.

Where are my data stored? Are they secure?

We use the FREE – ILIAD data centre at Vitry sur Seine near Paris. It is one of the most secure data storage centres in Europe.

Do you have specific technical prerequisites? Contact us.

An application developed in the field, with our clients

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